You chose them as bridesmaids and you are overjoyed because they will accompany you during the happiest day of your life. What you may not know yet is that they can also help you in many more things. If you feel lost and do not know exactly how many things you can ask them, take note of these ideas.

Bridesmaids have an indispensable mission

The bridesmaids are meant to always be by your side, even in the wedding planning. They can help you choose the dress, the flowers or advise you on issues you hesitate during preparations, such as making the list of romantic wedding songs. But they also play an important role on your wedding day; they are your multitasking girls!

Without a doubt, the most important mission of a bridesmaid is to be with you at all times and to make sure that you are well despite the ups and downs that you can feel. They will also help you choose the dress of your dreams; it is with the support of your bridesmaids when you decide to buy the perfect dress for the perfect day.

Collaborate with you on planning tasks

They will become your personal shopper and your counselors, so they will look for all the trends in magazines, stores and internet. What more can you ask? Bridesmaids should always be willing to help you. Surely you will not even have to ask for it. They will be delighted to do so. So when you start planning, assign different tasks and periodically monitor that everything goes well. You already have the perfect excuse to have a good time together! Invitations, guest lists, decorations or original details, the list is endless!

Now, you deserve the best and your bachelorette party is going to be over the top. Your bridesmaids will be willing to do the impossible to make you queen of the party. They know who you are and what you like!

Help during the big day

On the wedding day your bridesmaids are going to have more work than ever. They should accompany you and help you, even in the makeup and hairstyle session and, naturally, with the dress and the accessories, anything else? Yes, of course, take note:

  • They will help you put on the veil for wedding day and remove it at the end of the ceremony, and will ensure that the tail of the dress is perfect at all times.
  • They will attend the guests and your main maid of honor will supervise that everything is on wheels at all times.
  • Give you an emotional speech. Surely a maid of honor will surprise you at some point with some emotional words or a little speech after the banquet. Prepare the handkerchiefs!

The best thing about choosing bridesmaids is to be able to share such a special moment of your life with your best friends or your most direct relatives, since it is always much more fun as well. The important thing is to be together!